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The Participant acknowledges that participation in Hockey involves the risk of personal injury. In consideration of participating in the Almonte Men's Hockey League 2017-18 Season, the Participant agrees that the Almonte Men's Hockey League, the Almonte District Community Center, and their respective coordinators, directors, sponsors and employees shall not, in any way, be held responsible for or liable for any injury, accident, loss or damage incurred or sustained by The Participant, regardless of the cause thereof , and hereby release the Almonte Men's Hockey League, the Almonte District Community Center and their respective coordinators, directors, sponsors and employees.

League Fees

All League fees have to be paid on time.  Total cost to play in the 2017-18 season is $420.  The fee can be paid in instalments. Instalments can be made as follows.  A minimum of $220 is due upon registration.   The second instalment (amount $200) is due before the player plays their first game.  League fees are non-refundable.  League fees are due regardless of games played, injuries, suspensions or league ejections unless given special permission from the League Co-ordinators. Failure to pay league fees may result in suspension or league ejection.

If a player has not paid the required payments by the due dates listed above, the player risks being charged a late payment penalty. Each month late (30 days), an additional 7% of the amount due to the league will be charged to the player.

Respect of Officials & Fellow Players

All players will respect the officials and fellow players on and off the ice.  Any act that is intended to humiliate or disrespect, physically or verbally abuse an official or a fellow player, both on or off the ice, will not be tolerated and will be reviewed for punishment that may include suspension or league ejection.


All players will respect and play by the rules for the Almonte Men's Hockey League.  Sportsmanship and fair play should be demonstrated at all times. Any rulings made by League Coordinators, the Officials, and/or league captains will be respected. All players will ensure that the rulings are followed, obeyed and understood.


If a player can not attend a scheduled game, it is his responsibility to notify his team captain in advance so that proper arrangements can be made if a game can not be played.  Any goalie who can not attend an upcoming game must find a suitable replacement and notify his team captain in advance.  If a goalie does not show up without providing a replacement, the team will forfeit the game.


All players will clean and maintain their jerseys. Any damage to a jersey should be reported to the Team Captain.  Jerseys must be returned to the Team Captain at the conclusion of the season or when the player can no longer attend the Almonte Men's Hockey League.  Failure to return the jersey or a lost jersey may result in $70.00 replacement fee.