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AMHL Rules

- Games are 2 periods. 1st period is 25 minutes.  The time will start when the Zamboni leaves the ice.

The puck should be dropped about the 22 minute mark.  The 2nd period is 21 minutes, with the last 2 minutes being stop time (unless there is a 4 goal differential - 3 goals = stopped time, 4 goals = running time).

- Minor penalties will be 3 minutes from the drop of the puck.

- Any player receiving 3 minor penalties in the same game shall be ejected for the remainder of that game.

- Any major penalty shall mean an automatic game ejection. Further discipline may be required and will be dealt with by the league. The team will be required to serve a 7 minute time penalty.

-Any action that exhibits intent to seriously injure another participant will result in a Match penalty and will be a minimum 3 game suspension.  All incidents will be reviewed by league officials and upon their discretion, the player may be suspended for a longer period of time or league ejection.

- Player substitutions shall only occur on the fly unless given permission by the official.  The exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  • Players may make a substitution after goals

  • After a penalty is called.

  • In the final 2 minutes during “stop time”

-  The redline shall be used for icing infractions only. There shall be no offside passes (also known as the 2 line pass)

-   Verbal or physical abuse of officials shall not be tolerated.  Players are expected to respect the officials’ decisions and obey the officials’ directions.  A player who does not comply with these rules will face immediate suspension and upon the league officials’ discretion may face league ejection.

-  There shall be no fighting. This shall result in a 3 game suspension minimum for a first offence.  Repeat offenders will face longer suspensions or possibly face league ejection.

Each team must have 5 skaters and a goaltender to participate in a game. If a team doesn’t meet this requirement by the 20 minute mark of the opening period, they shall forfeit the game. Borrowed players will not be allowed to count towards this number.  The opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 victory.

Additional Rules added in October 2017:

Follow NHL rule book with the exception of:
- no body checking
- no change on whistles (on the fly only)
- no delay of game penalty for puck over glass unless deliberate
- follow through on a shot will result in a high sticking penalty 
- automatic icing
- 3 minute minor penalties
- 4 minute penalty for any high sticking infractions